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What is New in Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)?

The CCTV industry has gone digital. Time Lapse Recording using VHS tape has been replaced by new Digital Video Storage Units. Digital Video Recording and Archive Management Systems (DVMS) offer the following advantages:
Low cost migration from outdated VCR to latest 
  digital technology
Secure, high resolution, large capacity video
  and audio storage
"Drop-in replacement" works with most
  multiplexer and quad processors
Eliminate costly tape management - images
  are stored digitally
Retrieve video clips quickly - advanced video
  search tool uses time indexing and event type
VCR style playback - freeze frame, fast
  forward/reverse and slow forward/reverse
  without image streaking or tearing
Clear, crisp video every time
Networkable - On site or Remote viewing
  capability via the internet

CCTV Systems

  • New PC (personal computer) with Video Capture Card, large hard drive and more.
  • 4 Pelco high quality colour cameras with lens of you choice.
  • Necessary cables, connectors and power supplies
  • Local and remote viewing software
  • UPGRADES alre available at additional cost

Closed Circuit TV systems offer great protection, however, often poorly designed systems and outdated equipment do not deliver in times of need. New camera technology offers better picture quality and better low light visibility when using auto iris lenses or IR cameras. 
We will design the best system for you. From entry level to high end, we have the equipment to help you monitor any location. From standard fixed cameras to high end pan/ tilt/ zoom (PTZ) cameras, we have the solution for your particular situation.

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